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Modern Cabins Out of Storage Containers

No one will definitely argue with how beautifully crafted vacation houses and cabins made out of storage containers are. They look very expensive, modern, and classy—a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world in the city. One might get taken aback if he/she asks for the cost of construction and materials used in building one, because it’s actually lower than what you have expected—you might want to build one for yourself.

Building a Perfect Vacation House

So you’ve found inspiration with the last vacation house you visited and now you want to build your own. The first thing you want to do is to gather your resources: the place you want to build your vacation house in, the contractors that are willing to do the project, how much budget are you willing to shell out.

Portable Storage containerTurning storage containers into a work-of-art, modern vacation house requires careful planning and a lot of decision making. There is the issue about ventilation and insulation. Since these prefabricated metal boxes are made of metal, insulation will have to be extremely good so you don’t get fried up when it’s hot and freezing when it’s cold—which leads us back to one of the things that you should consider: the place where you want to build it in.

It is extremely important to choose a place where you need not much air-conditioning or heaters—probably in the tropics (it is a vacation house you’re building, nevertheless). One thing you’ll also need to take into consideration is your chosen area’s building codes. Some areas have extremely strict building codes. You may want to avoid these areas.

Once you’ve decided about the place, the next thing you want to do is to check for appropriate exterior and interior designs. You would want to have a vacation house or cabin that is not just extremely pleasing to look as but also functional and cozy. This leads us back again to the second thing that you need to consider before building this dream vacation home—the contractors that are willing to make this project.

You will be lucky enough to find a one-stop shop to serve multiple purposes of providing you your storage containers, which you have fully inspected, and the contractors who will make this project work for you. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find a company who will also refer you an architect and a team of interior designers (if you need one).

Once you have everything taken care of, it’s time to start building that praise-worthy vacation house out of storage boxes.

The Port-A-Bach

One of the most popular vacation houses made out of storage containers is New Zealand’s Port-a-Bachwhich means “a beach house ora small holiday house”.

Inexpensive, secure, and portable, Port-a-bachs are used storage boxes that are initially assembled in Hangzou, China and delivered back to New Zealand to serve its purpose of making vacationers feel relaxed and cozy even if they are away from home.

The interior of Port-a-Bachs are embellished with wood. Its side walls are also collapsible to form a spacious deck. Since it is portable, you can choose whether to place it in the middle of a beautiful landscape, near a lake, or on the beachside. It has all the functions of a normal house—a fully functional kitchen, bunk beds, dressing areas, storage spaces, and an environmental friendly toilet and shower. It gets its energy from its built-in solar panels so you don’t have to worry about having lights at night and cooking (only if you’re using an electric stove). It is a self-sustaining house that can accommodate small families, and single people.

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