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10 important questions to ask SEO consultants before hiring them

If you’re not exactly aware of how search engine optimization works, then it is best to hire SEO consultants to help you achieve your business goals.

Before hiring one though, you need to ask these 10 questions to ensure that you are hiring only the best.

How long have you been working as an SEO consultant?

You need a consultant who has been in the SEO business for at least a couple of years. Hiring an amateur may not be a good idea. It is always better to hire a consultant who know a great deal about the industry.

What are your strategies in helping us improve our rankings?

This is the most important question you should ask any SEO consultant. And they should be able to discuss their strategies and techniques in full detail. Do not trust SEO consultants who only make promises and don’t deliver.

Will you share any changes that you make to the website?

It is not enough for an SEO consultant to tell you that you they have made changes to the website to improve you need to find out what changes they are making to the site. A good consultant will send you regular reports every month or every couple of weeks.

Do you follow best practices?

Big search engines like Yahoo and Google have best practices that every SEO consultant should follow. Before hiring an expert, you need to make sure that they strictly follow guidelines to avoid getting banned by Google.

What type of work do you do?

seoKnowing which type of SEO work you need would help you save money and time. Find out if what you need is a technical, an off-page, or an on-page SEO. Technical involves correcting errors, site navigation, and indexing of content. Off-page is concerned with links from other websites back to your site, while on-page focuses mainly on the content of your website.

What does your SEO report look like?

When asking for a report, make sure these are included: search rankings and traffic, conversions, and activities on the site. The report would help you determine the good SEO consultant from the bad. If the report is detailed and include relevant information, you just got yourself a good consultant.

What happens when the contract is terminated?

Your agreement between SEO consultants should be clear before hiring them. If at some point you would need to terminate the contract, find out if you get to keep the content they wrote and other things you would need to improve your rankings.

Why should I hire you over other consultants?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question, but how the consultant responds might help you decide whether to hire them or not. If they guarantee a number one ranking, they might be a scam.

How much will it cost me?

seo servicesBe careful with SEO consultants who convinces you to hire them because they are cheaper. There’s always a catch to something that’s so cheap. Good consultants know how much they’re worth, but try to at least find one who is hard- working and not too pricey.

What kind of tools do you use?

Ask the consultant what kind of technical SEO tools and link building tools he uses to improve search engine rankings. Knowing these would tell you if the consultant is a scam or not. There are consultants who rely on link-banks and keyword stuffing. Avoid them at all cost.

There are other things you can ask SEO consultants to find out if they are worth spending your hard-earned money. But the questions above would suffice.