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Designing Process of Custom Coins

Creating a design for custom coins is easy. However, if you want unique challenge coins, you have to consider many aspects of designing process and creating the final piece. Though you do not have to attend an art school to create a design for a challenge coin, you still have to remember the following:

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It refers to the overall beauty and uniqueness of an artwork. Color adds beauty while the material used enhances the color. Thus, it is important to decide which metal to use for your coin. Some colors are not good with gold plating or with silver plating. For example, darker green maybe good with gold plating but a lighter green may look garish.
Shape also contributes to the overall aesthetic quality of the design. Typically, round is the shape of custom coins but they are not limited to circle. You can choose other shapes such as triangle, square or even a parallelogram, if you want.
You can say a customized challenge coin is aesthetically pleasing when someone appreciates the design. Even if that someone is the only person who appreciates your design, it is still aesthetically valuable.


It refers to the idea, and the reason why the coin is created. So, if it is for token of gratitude, the challenge coin shows that it is expressing gratitude to a person. For example, you can insert a simple thank you phrase in the bottom. If the coin is for a membership badge, the coin may contain the logo of the organization and so on and so forth.

Process of Designing

Now, you know the basics of designing. Next is learning the process. The designing process consists of a series of many steps. It is simple and you can create a design in a matter of minutes.

1.Choose the shape and size

As mentioned before, you can choose any shape but you have to know if the cost of producing the coin is the same with round custom coins. Perhaps, odd shaped coin costs higher than the typical challenge coins. If you do not have the money to spend much in coin creation, you can always change the design shape if odd shape is more expensive.

The smallest size for a challenge coin is 1.5 inches and the largest is 3 inches. If your customized coin is round, you can maximize the space of the chosen size. With odd shape sizes, your coin may look smaller than the actual size due to trimming on the edges. From the round size, the coin is trimmed to complete the desired shape.

2.Decide on the metal plating

Metals used in custom coins production are polished gold, brass, nickel, and copper. You can have your coin single or dual toned. Single tone uses one type of metal while dual tone uses two metal plating. Dual tone plating costs more.

3.Create the artwork

It is where the real work begins. You decide what images to place in your coin, colors to choose, and the words to capture the theme. To maximize the space, you can either choose to create a one sided or two sided coin. One-sided coins are usually seen as accents to trophies while most challenge coins are two sided.

4.Select the rendering of the design

Rendering of the design refers to the dimensions. Will it be 2D or 3D? 3D offers contour to your images. It makes the images in your coin look real. On the other hand, 2D lacks the depth of a three-dimensional rendering but still looks beautiful on the finished piece. As to costs, 3D is more expensive.

5.Revise, if necessary

If you are not satisfied with the overall appearance, you can always either revise the artwork or start from the beginning.

Designing maybe complicated but when you know what you want for your coin, it is easy. You can use ordinary paper or a leaf from your notepad to create your design. Nowadays, custom coins maker are skillful that even the most artless sketch can be transformed into a coin masterpiece.

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