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Designing Process of Custom Coins

Creating a design for custom coins is easy. However, if you want unique challenge coins, you have to consider many aspects of designing process and creating the final piece. Though you do not have to attend an art school to create a design for a challenge coin, you still have to remember the following:

custom coins


It refers to the overall beauty and uniqueness of an artwork. Color adds beauty while the material used enhances the color. Thus, it is important to decide which metal to use for your coin. Some colors are not good with gold plating or with silver plating. For example, darker green maybe good with gold plating but a lighter green may look garish.
Shape also contributes to the overall aesthetic quality of the design. Typically, round is the shape of custom coins but they are not limited to circle. You can choose other shapes such as triangle, square or even a parallelogram, if you want.
You can say a customized challenge coin is aesthetically pleasing when someone appreciates the design. Even if that someone is the only person who appreciates your design, it is still aesthetically valuable.


It refers to the idea, and the reason why the coin is created. So, if it is for token of gratitude, the challenge coin shows that it is expressing gratitude to a person. For example, you can insert a simple thank you phrase in the bottom. If the coin is for a membership badge, the coin may contain the logo of the organization and so on and so forth.

Process of Designing

Now, you know the basics of designing. Next is learning the process. The designing process consists of a series of many steps. It is simple and you can create a design in a matter of minutes.

1.Choose the shape and size

As mentioned before, you can choose any shape but you have to know if the cost of producing the coin is the same with round custom coins. Perhaps, odd shaped coin costs higher than the typical challenge coins. If you do not have the money to spend much in coin creation, you can always change the design shape if odd shape is more expensive.

The smallest size for a challenge coin is 1.5 inches and the largest is 3 inches. If your customized coin is round, you can maximize the space of the chosen size. With odd shape sizes, your coin may look smaller than the actual size due to trimming on the edges. From the round size, the coin is trimmed to complete the desired shape.

2.Decide on the metal plating

Metals used in custom coins production are polished gold, brass, nickel, and copper. You can have your coin single or dual toned. Single tone uses one type of metal while dual tone uses two metal plating. Dual tone plating costs more.

3.Create the artwork

It is where the real work begins. You decide what images to place in your coin, colors to choose, and the words to capture the theme. To maximize the space, you can either choose to create a one sided or two sided coin. One-sided coins are usually seen as accents to trophies while most challenge coins are two sided.

4.Select the rendering of the design

Rendering of the design refers to the dimensions. Will it be 2D or 3D? 3D offers contour to your images. It makes the images in your coin look real. On the other hand, 2D lacks the depth of a three-dimensional rendering but still looks beautiful on the finished piece. As to costs, 3D is more expensive.

5.Revise, if necessary

If you are not satisfied with the overall appearance, you can always either revise the artwork or start from the beginning.

Designing maybe complicated but when you know what you want for your coin, it is easy. You can use ordinary paper or a leaf from your notepad to create your design. Nowadays, custom coins maker are skillful that even the most artless sketch can be transformed into a coin masterpiece.

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No matter what kind of custom coins you’re looking for, Challenge Coins 4 Less is the answer. If you want military challenge coins, we can furnish coins your unit will carry and display with pride.

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Pointers for Newbies on Buying Homes for Sale in Garden City

Anxiety can take its toll on your peace of mind, especially when you don’t know what to expect when you look out for homes for sale in Garden City, or any other city of your choice. For choice visit to li-realestatefinder. When you plan to settle down, start a family, or simply purchase a house, you’re taking a big leap.

Getting one is a huge financial decision which you have to think of first thoroughly before you undertake it.

One decision can make major changes in your everyday routine and lifestyle, that’s why buying a house to live in should be done with utmost care, putting in mind all factors that should be considered.

PropertyBut why should you worry when there are pointers for newbies on buying homes for sale in Garden City that are within your reach? So skim through these guidelines, don’t forget to take notes, and rest assured that by the end of your search, you’ll be rewarded with the house that you totally deserve.

Most newbie homemakers don’t know the very first thing about investing on and finally owning a property. If you’re one of these neophytes, then take your best friend’s advice; get a trusted real estate agent to help you with your search. Don’t just cling to your instinct. Remember, when you work with professionals on something that you don’t know a thing about like buying a house, you’re doing yourself a favor by minimizing hang-ups and errors in choosing your purchase.

When planning about getting one of those homes for sale in Garden City, you’ll be happy to know that an agent can come in handy. They don’t just guide you or give you professional advice on what to choose but they get in touch with an approved list of potential house choices and buyers as often as they change clothes. That’s why more homemakers trust agents rather than do everything on their own.

Try and look for a professional real estate agent who has served many satisfied clients in the past, keeps a good record of his or her honest accomplishments, and who is willing to help you all throughout your search. Your agent should be patient and accommodating; he should be, since he has to handle the most impossible picky clients at one time or another in his career. Tell them what you are looking for in a house, what you like to have, and your financial capability to pay for it.

It will also help a lot if you write down your queries before you meet with your agent, because they are willing to answer your questions and orient you on what to do to get a good deal. There are many affordable homes for sale in Garden City if you know where to look. You can bring this up with your agent, because they work to the complete satisfaction of their clients.

Have your mortgage approved and be ready with a trusted lender before you begin your search. This makes it easier for sellers to get in touch with you and for your agent to help choose a house for you when you have the financial resources at hand.

Try to balance your financial resources; you may have to pay the house in credit if you can’t afford to pay it in full at one time. Make negotiations with your seller and stretch your capability to pay for the house as much as possible. Take advantage of offers and don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck and have fun with your house-hunting!

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The Three Kinds of Speakers and Their Common Mistakes

Aside from helping other people to improve their skills, a motivational speaker also improves skills in his own field while conducting seminars, talks, and conferences. If you are an aspiring public speaker, then you must know the 3 kinds of speakers.

Three Kinds of Public Speakers

•Company Motivator

This is a kind of motivational speaker that motivates leaders in their duties and responsibilities. The speakers in this kind usually have experience in business and have been consistent members of well-known business organizations.

SpeakerCompany motivators have the confidence in discussing business matters because they understand the flow of the industry. They are knowledgeable about the techniques in overcoming stress and hassles of different careers. Also, they are capable of improving the leadership skills of the owner and head staff.

They inspire other people through their speeches and presentations. Another thing is that they teach employees to decrease the load of their work by working smartly. The most common topics used are about communication skills, leadership, empowerment, faith, trust, and team-building.

•Youth Inspire

Youth inspire caters his motivational speeches to the youth, especially college students. Speakers of this kind are quite young. The speaker will tell about his experiences when he was still an adolescent.

The speaker has the ability to understand the rebellious stage of the youth. He can tell inspiring words to the listeners for enriching their lives. Youth inspires are mostly invited to speak in school events to improve the students’ leadership skills, to overcome peer pressure, to understand racism, to prevent them from using drugs and to manage time wisely.

•General Motivator

This kind of motivational speaker has surpassed many difficulties in his entire life. They have the right to speak and share the lessons they learned to the people. They are the symbol of a strong motivation for they had already been through a lot of hardships, yet they have the guts to enjoy life to the fullest. These speakers often share their experiences. The listeners could get moral lessons from the stories.

Although a lot of speakers seem to be perfect, they still commit mistakes sometimes. Here are some of the most common mistakes a motivational speaker has done.

•Opening the speech with a low impact.

The introduction part is very important. It is a win-or-lose game. If you make great impact with your opening remarks, then you are sure that the audience will continue listening for the rest of your speech. However, the audience might not listen at all if you’re starting words have low impact. This is because they will assume that it is a waste of time to listen.

•Do not engage their audience.

Nowadays, people are getting easily tired when listening. They need to have an interaction with the speaker so that they will not feel tired. The speakers who fail to engage the audience with his speech frequently lose the attention of their listeners. People would like to participate in a discussion. You need to draw some questions from them so that they will be interested to listen to your answers.

•Dependent on your PowerPoint presentation.

It is tiresome to continuously read what’s on the slides. If the speaker only reads the slides, then he will not grab the attention of the audience. A motivational speaker must be able to captivate the hearts of his listeners.

•Not adjusting the speech to fit in the age of the listeners.

There are different approaches a speaker must do to his listeners depending on their age and interests.

•Stuffing the speech with too many facts.

It is difficult to remember several facts. The ideal points you must have in your speech should be about 3 to 5 only. Be sure not to complicate things. Keep the message simple and easy to understand.

If you want to know more about speakers then go through motivational-speaker-success.

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Elements Content Writers Work With To Push SEO

Right now there are a lot of people trying to demystify SEO. This acronym is often confused and marginalized as a result. Search engine optimization is not some complex thing. People want to assume that it is, but it’s actually something very simple to move forward with, once you know the components. There are several pieces to the picture of optimization. When you have them all in the right framework, you will end up with a positive resolution in terms of business. Business websites that do not work within the idea of SEO are usually the ones that close up before they make any real money. If you want to make sure that your site lasts, you will want to look into pushing content writers and the elements they bring to the table.

Content WritersHiring someone to create content is a good thing, but you will find that they have to work within several components to be effective. This is not just a “one and done” type of thing. You’re going to have to look into it in a different manner. It’s easy to overlook a lot of the components here. It’s with that in mind that the following elements have been compiled to give you  a glimpse at what good writers can produce.

Narrative For Robots

Why would you want to target robots? Well, search engines today use algorithms. They are mathematic calculations that give out a plus or minus sign in many ways. They send what are known as web crawlers or spiders, and they match up the words that you use with a lot of information in their databases. After they compile that information (which takes a few seconds), they unleash a relevancy ranking to your page. That ranking relies heavily on how content writers have crafted work. Look at the top 3 pages of any major search in your business and you’ll see that the words that are used, as well as the code all seem to point towards an interesting direction. Narrative that is crafted for robots doesn’t read terribly, but it has repetition in certain aspects, including keywords.

Narrative For People

Before you think that the whole point of content marketing is to usurp the traffic from others via robots, you will find a different path. There has to be narration for people. People have to get your postings and end up with something that is going to help them move forward. People can’t land on your page and see something that was obviously written for software. That’s where spinning can come into a problem area too. Content writers have to craft things that are going to work within the confines the end user’s search. You can’t really get away from this. It’s easy to get caught up within it, but it’s important to realize that there’s something bigger at play here.

SEO Elements

Content writers have to work within the rules and regulations of search engine optimization. This is more than just stuffing keywords into place. You have to position several words and phrases in the right areas. Not only that, you have to work within the confines of repetition as well. The best content in the world has a sense of repetition that you are not going to immediately pick up on. That’s the major thing that most people overlook. When you start to break things down a little, you will see that there’s a huge amount of elements to consider here. SEO Elements that are omitted from content, are usually not going to land high within the search engine rankings. You have to consider that. Moving forward, when you hire writers, you will need to see whether or not they adhere to this type of protocol, otherwise you’re going to end up with a diminished return on your investment.

The Bigger Picture

At the end of the day, you are going to find that the main reason why you should be hiring content writers is because they create compelling work. They create elements for your business that you can use to make leads into clients. If you want to have a higher conversion rate, you need to think big.For more details see the site The bigger the scale that you consider, the higher the chances are that you will be able to get the success that you are seeking. Too often, people forget about all of the elements that are found within this arena. If you want to truly see a great deal of power come to your site, you need to work under the confines of content management, SEO, writing.Without writing in the standards of the modern algorithmic shifts that Google has in place, you are going to get left behind fast. Lots of sites get published, and many of them fail to convert a single person. If you want to avoid that fate, then you need to look at the big picture, it’s just better.

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Golf Shirts Buying Guide

Playing golf while wearing the appropriate apparel guarantees the ultimate comfort and maximum flexibility.It is important that when selecting a golf shirt, one must consider comfort, design and style, fit and sizing, as well as the different dress codes implemented by various golf courses. This guide provides essential tips on buying golf shirts that will help golfers perform their best while on the green.


A golfer must seriously consider comfort when choosing shirts. He should pick one that will not hinder his flexibility and movement. It is important for a golfer to remain at ease even after walking all over the course for hours. Golfers often prefer to wear something that is lightweight, breathable, protects them from UV rays, or keeps them warm during the cold season.

More than providing the latest style, shirts should also help golfers improve their game. If a shirt has the correct size and fitting, it will surely give the player an advantage through several ways, such as by providing unrestricted movement and breathability.

Golf shirts are carefully designed, making sure that they do not restrict the golfer’s movement during forward swings and follow-through. Nowadays, shirts are typically made of durable fabrics that allow for maximum flexibility.Moreover,golfing under the heat of the sun will definitely make the player uneasy with sweat. For that reason, one should also carefully select shirts made of lightweight fabrics that feature sweat absorption and breathability.

Design and Style

Golf wear should be as fashionable and up to date as many designer clothes. These shirts should, at the same time, provide an athletic look to the one wearing it. Among the most preferred styles include shirts with discreet stripes and block colors.Remember, the shirt you wear should generally be as simple as possible. They should not have large prints on the front or back as this will make the shirt appear too casual. On the other hand, bright and dark colors are great choices. Same goes with wearing thermal clothing underneath a shirt, if necessary.

Generally, golf shirts feature a collar, three to four buttons, and sleeves. These elements are virtually the ones required by most golf courses. However, modern styles of shirts have evolved as a result of fabric  technology and performance sportswear.

Depending on weather conditions, shirts can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Other styles and types of shirts were also developed to adapt to different climates and seasons. These include long-sleeved roll neck shirts and turtle neck shirts, compression shirts, and wind shirts.

Golf shirtsBoth short and long-sleeved shirts are ideal for warm weather which is usually experienced during spring and early fall seasons. Because of fabric technology, long-sleeved shirts can now be comfortably used even during the hottest day. Examples of these technologies are DryLite and Warmalite, which were both developed by a popular brand. DryLite technology wicks away sweat so that the golfer feels dry under the heat of the sun. Warmalite technology, on the other hand, serves as insulation to the shirt, keeping the player warm on chilly days.

Turtle neck and long-sleeved roll neck shirts are typically worn underneath a golf jumper or jacket. Both types  of shirts  are best worn during wintry days. These shirts protect the golfer from cold wind and rain. They provide warmth to the neck, arms, and torso, but do not compromise the comfort and flexibility of the player.

Compression shirt is a type of golf undershirt that acts like a second skin. Golfers find the use of this shirt essential during the winter season. Compression shirts help conserve heat in the coldest of weather, while giving the golfer comfort and flexibility during a game. This type of shirt also aids in muscle recovery by providing heat and muscle support.

Wind shirt is another type of golf shirts that is made out of windproof and waterproof (as well as breathable) polyester. This shirt may come in long or short sleeves and is designed to be worn over another shirt. A golfer who cannot find comfort in wearing a full waterproof jacket during windy and rainy days, may find the wind shirt a better alternative.

Golf Apparel Etiquette and Dress Code

Dress code and etiquette should be strictly observed as they are both vital in the overall game of golf. Being a game of tradition, playing golf involves different dress codes depending on the course type.

Private country club courses observe the strictest dress code. Players in this type of golf course must use a button-down collared shirt. Most private country club courses are now accepting polo shirts as appropriate golf attire. These shirts must be worn tucked into either slacks or khaki pants.

A wide range of dress codes is observed in municipal golf courses. Casual clothing is allowed in some. Players may wear T-shirts and jeans or cargo pants. Other municipal golf courses even allow any denim.Driving ranges, on the other hand, do not require a particular dress code. Golfers are just advised to use clothes that they find comfortable to wear.

Right Fit and Sizing

Golf shirts for men and women are designed differently to conform to their body types. Even if a man has a small built, a woman’s golf shirt will not be appropriate for him. Women’s shirts are typically more fitted, have smaller collars, and come with tailored sleeves.

To make sure one gets a perfectly fitted golf shirt, it is recommended to obtain sizes with the use of a tape measure. American and European sizing are both available and are made consistent throughout different golf shirt brands. is pleased to offer discount golf apparel such as golf shirts, polos, shorts, hats and more.

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Modern Cabins Out of Storage Containers

No one will definitely argue with how beautifully crafted vacation houses and cabins made out of storage containers are. They look very expensive, modern, and classy—a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world in the city. One might get taken aback if he/she asks for the cost of construction and materials used in building one, because it’s actually lower than what you have expected—you might want to build one for yourself.

Building a Perfect Vacation House

So you’ve found inspiration with the last vacation house you visited and now you want to build your own. The first thing you want to do is to gather your resources: the place you want to build your vacation house in, the contractors that are willing to do the project, how much budget are you willing to shell out.

Portable Storage containerTurning storage containers into a work-of-art, modern vacation house requires careful planning and a lot of decision making. There is the issue about ventilation and insulation. Since these prefabricated metal boxes are made of metal, insulation will have to be extremely good so you don’t get fried up when it’s hot and freezing when it’s cold—which leads us back to one of the things that you should consider: the place where you want to build it in.

It is extremely important to choose a place where you need not much air-conditioning or heaters—probably in the tropics (it is a vacation house you’re building, nevertheless). One thing you’ll also need to take into consideration is your chosen area’s building codes. Some areas have extremely strict building codes. You may want to avoid these areas.

Once you’ve decided about the place, the next thing you want to do is to check for appropriate exterior and interior designs. You would want to have a vacation house or cabin that is not just extremely pleasing to look as but also functional and cozy. This leads us back again to the second thing that you need to consider before building this dream vacation home—the contractors that are willing to make this project.

You will be lucky enough to find a one-stop shop to serve multiple purposes of providing you your storage containers, which you have fully inspected, and the contractors who will make this project work for you. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find a company who will also refer you an architect and a team of interior designers (if you need one).

Once you have everything taken care of, it’s time to start building that praise-worthy vacation house out of storage boxes.

The Port-A-Bach

One of the most popular vacation houses made out of storage containers is New Zealand’s Port-a-Bachwhich means “a beach house ora small holiday house”.

Inexpensive, secure, and portable, Port-a-bachs are used storage boxes that are initially assembled in Hangzou, China and delivered back to New Zealand to serve its purpose of making vacationers feel relaxed and cozy even if they are away from home.

The interior of Port-a-Bachs are embellished with wood. Its side walls are also collapsible to form a spacious deck. Since it is portable, you can choose whether to place it in the middle of a beautiful landscape, near a lake, or on the beachside. It has all the functions of a normal house—a fully functional kitchen, bunk beds, dressing areas, storage spaces, and an environmental friendly toilet and shower. It gets its energy from its built-in solar panels so you don’t have to worry about having lights at night and cooking (only if you’re using an electric stove). It is a self-sustaining house that can accommodate small families, and single people.

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We provide portable storage containers, cubicle storage containers, movable storage, mobile office, and temporary storage throughout the US. Moveable Container Storage is a one-stop shop for all your storage needs.
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Factors in Choosing Drop Safes

drop safesYou already have to worry too much about earning a living you do not need the hassles of worrying about someone else stealing what you worked so hard for.You need drop safes to ease your worries.With these things, it will be easy for you to secure your belongings since these are considered safe storage spaces. Because of these, your problems in storing and hiding some of your personal items will be reduced and minimized. Whatever you put inside can only be accessed by those people who are authorized to do so.

There are many who wish to own these units. Thus, many companies have produced and manufactured such in order to meet the changing and varying demands of the market. The market has been offering a wide range of selections in different brands, styles and designs. Basically, the businesses and establishments would benefit a lot from this since it will allow them to keep cash and some important documents out of the sight of their employees. Therefore, hassles and worries about losses will be avoided.

However, not everyone is aware about the features of these drop safes and how these are being used. Many people buy safes just because their neighbors have them.Some end up using the safes as decorative elements in their interiors, storing their knickknacks in them much like any other shelves and cabinets they have.This defeats the purpose of having a safe.These safes could offer countless benefits to the owner.Its security features should be maximized if it is to be considered as a worthwhile investment.

If you have cash and valuables in your house that you need to secure yet retain easy access to, these safes could be the best solution for you. Since these are of high quality, you can have the peace of mind that they cannot be accessed easily or damaged with simple tools.These are engineered and designed to be tool and fire proof.A lot of the safe designs are patented, ensuring that they offer the kind of protection that homeowners need.Thy can easily be concealed in certain parts of the house to restrict access or to keep unauthorized personnel from getting their hands on your valuables.These are easy to install and could be customized according to one’s preferences.

Although what’s readily available in the market are already diverse enough to fit your needs, you can still contact the manufacturers to have your own safe customized for you.There are customers who prefer a specific size of safe to be installed as they are constructing their homes.There are also customers who look for other features like lighting options inside the safe to allow access even if the safe is placed in a dark room.The compartments inside the safe can also be customized to accommodate whatever items need to be placed inside.

There are plenty of additions that are available for the drop safes. Aside from this, you can request the manufacturer for another spare key so that you can give authority to other people you trust and rely on. There are other accessories that may be bought for these fixtures as well. But, it is important that you will buy something that provides you satisfaction. To do this, you have to check on several factors that could affect your choice. Be sure that you pay attention to the designs and the details so that you can maximize your safe’s use.

Drop safes are sold in varying rates and prices. Thus, you have to purchase something that is affordable and has the features that you need. If you still have doubts about this, you can talk with the manufacturer so that they could give you suggestions and recommendations.